Silo Systems

VeloDyne is a leading silo manufacturer producing both single and two piece silo systems in industrial and municipal applications.  This includes but no limited to soda ash silos, PAC silos, and lime silos.  Our two piece silo system design provides a solution which allows for equipment to be installed and tested upright in-house without delays in a “weather-free” environment. This silo design reduces start up time and installation labor involved in running wire, conduit, and piping inside the equipment room.   During installation of the silo feeding system equipment room,  all piping and conduit are ran under the floor grating, against the silo wall, or overhead on the feeder bridge to reduce trip hazards for operators leaving the feed storage silo spacious and organized for operation. Concave mix tanks are provided also maximizing the operation space inside the control area.

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Key Features:

  • Traditional One or Two Piece Silo System Design
  • Conduit, Wire, and Plumbing Installed Under Floor, Against Wall or Overhead
  • Silo Components Completely Hydrostatically and Electrically Tested
  • Local Control System with Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) including Pre-Programmed System Logic.
  • UL or cUL Listed Control Panels
  • Pneumatic Silo Fill Pipe Assembly with NEMA 4X Operator Station
  • Dust Collection System (Mounted on Roof)
  • OSHA Approved Caged Ladder and Hand Rail for Roof Access
  • Silo Level Devices. Continuous and or Point Level
  • Bin Activator, Cone Vibrators, or Fluidizer Nozzles
  • Volumetric Screw Feeder with Washdown Inverter Duty Motor and Variable Frequency Drive
  • Slurry Make Down/Storage Tank with Mixer, and Level Devices
  • All Required Silo Piping and Valves
  • Provided with Ventilation Fans, Heaters, and Lighting.

Optional Features:

  • Slurry Feed Pumps
  • Wetting Cone Assembly
  • Insulated Interior Skirted Section
  • Loss in Weight Feed Train

Technical Info:

Skirted Silo:

  • 8’-14’ Diameter Storage Silos
  • 500-9,000 Cubic Feet of Bin Storage
  • Height is Determined by Storage Requirements
  • Carbon Steel – Painted to Job Specifications

Field Bolted:

  • 15’ Diameter and Up
  • 9,000 Cubic Feet of Storage and Up 
  • Height is Determined by Storage Requirements
  • Carbon Steel – Painted to Job Specifications