Liquid Polymer Activation

While the rest of the polymer equipment industry was engaged in a mechanical versus nonmechanical system debate, VeloDyne developed the next generation of advanced polymer activation technologies, a hybrid of the two approaches.

We started by perfecting hydro-dynamic, non-mechanical mixing energy, resolving thirty-year-old weaknesses of this technology. We then eliminated the biggest draw-back to non-mechanical blending — its reliance on water pressure. Since the VeloBlend's introduction, polymer blending was changed forever — so much so that our unique VeloBlend mixing chamber technology was granted a U.S. patent. The VeloBlendTM hybrid polymer activation technology combines the reliability of non-mechanical mixing energy with controllable, variable speed hydromechanical mixing energy. This allows for precise control of mixing conditions, allowing you optimize the performance of any polymer available, while not relying on water pressure to do so.

See VeloBlend in action (video)