Lime Detention Slaker

The VeloDyne’s Lime Detention Slaker is a fully automated lime system consistently producing lime slurry ranging from 5% to 25% by weight. Lime and water are fed into the slaking chamber where they are mixed by a vertical mixer. The lime slaker operator selects a desired temperature set point; the slaking water modulating valve will automatically adjust to maintain the desired temperature. The lime slurry overflows through the slaking chamber to the grit removal trough, where the large particles settle out and are removed from the process by way of an auger.

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Key Features:

  • Volumetric Feeder – Accurate Addition of Quick Lime
  • Capacities: 300-24,000 lbs Per Hour
  • Replaceable Wear Liner
  • Double Wall Insulation for Maximum Heat Efficiency
  • Temperature Alarm
  • Cooling Sequence
  • Grit Removal Trough
  • Dust and Vapor Remover

Optional Features:         

  • Heat Exchanger – Heats Incoming Slaking Water

Technical Information:

  • Construction: 304 Stainless Steel
  • Trough Auger Construction: Carbon Steel
  • Trough Auger Size: 4” OD
  • Piping: Sch 80 PVC