Enhance Your Ingredient Process Line with a Custom Screw Conveyor

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Tube Conveyor - Ingredients ACH Food Companies, is a global company specializing in the production of ingredients for cooking and baking. They fill, cap, label and package bottles of spice at their spices processing plant in Iowa. Going through some plant upgrades last fall the need to relocate a bottle filler to accommodate new equipment arose. Project Engineer Jared Sweerin was tasked with the design, purchase, and installation of a new horizontal tube conveyor for his line. “If existing product delivery methods were continued the process line would be prone to plugging and other feed issues” said Sweerin.

Jared was looking for a reliable equipment supplier that could provide what his process line demanded, he knew it wasn’t going to be an off the shelf item so custom features and enhanced design were high on the list of priorities. Velodyne Systems sales and engineering staff worked closely with Jared to ensure his needs were being met and that a complete solution was being provided. With the location of the tube conveyor it was crucial that the equipment be easy to maintenance and clean out. Velodyne was able to engineer a simple feature of “tooless” screw removal. “Velodyne asked questions and worked to understand our process so they could provide equipment that solved recurring issues with change overs and ergonomics.” Said Sweerin. The system was designed with sanitary clamps on the inlet and discharge ends for easy disassembly of the tube, as well as threaded studs with handles to hold down the tube to the base. On the driveshaft slots were cut into the shaft and lugs were put inplace to hold on the screw during operation, this too is a “tooless” feature and gives the maintenance operators easy access to the screw during clean out when switching between different products being fed. 

“Velodyne quickly responded to our needs and delivered a reliable, effective component in our packaging process.” - Jared Sweerin – Project Engineer | ACH Food Companies, Inc.