5 Reasons to use a Barracuda Volumetric Feeder

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Barracuda Volumetric Screw FeedersMetering or Dispensing product from a volumetric screw feeder is common throughout the bulk solids industry. Accuracy, dependability, and ease of maintenance, are all high on the checklist when plant managers are deciding on what equipment to invest in.

The Barracuda volumetric screw feeder was designed to meet each of these needs and deliver a product without separation or degradation.

1. Dispense Product Accurately

Depending on the application’s requirements for a feed rate, the volumetric feeder will be sized according to auger type, conditioning needs and discharge spout tolerances. Our V-body hopper, direct drive connection, and spout tolerances, allow the Barracuda volumetric feeder to be within 1-2% accuracy while feeding.   

2. Direct Drive Assembly

Fewer parts, less failure. The feeder is designed such that there are no extra parts or mechanisms needed to operate the screw feeder. The motor is connected to the gearbox assembly, and gearbox directly bolted to the body of the volumetric feeder and connected to the drive shaft of the feeder void of belts, chains, or pulleys that tend wear down easily.

3. Easy Tooling Change-out

How long does it take to change out the auger and spout on your feeder? Once the hopper and auger are clear of any material, the Barracuda volumetric feeder is designed to easily remove the auger, spout assembly with the simple turn of a wrench, decreasing precious down time throughout the day. We bet you can do it in less than 2 minutes!  

4. Fast Delivery!

We keep a great inventory of screw feeder assemblies, auger sizes, motors and gearboxes. We have shipped out feeders as fast as 2 days from time of order!

5. Complete Custom Options

The last reason you should choose to use a barracuda volumetric screw feeder is the custom options are endless! Yes, we stock feeders on the shelf for quick delivery, but we are more than willing to design a feeder to fit where ever you may need it to go; adding all the bells and whistles you desire from drop out hoppers, custom body and auger sizing, conditioning options, weighing features and control integration. If you need a volumetric feeder, VeloDyne has the complete solution for you.

Check out this video to see just how easy it is to change the tooling on the Barracuda Volumetric Feeder.