Carrollton, MO Volumetric Feeder Rehab

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old volumetric feederIn the small town of Carrollton, MO with a population just under 4,000 is the Carrollton Municipal Utility. The plant is community owned and provides electric and water services to the residents and local businesses. On average the plant processes 450,000 GPD of water for the town. The plant focuses on lime softeing, iron removal, aeration and has various wells.

The plant has had a pebble quick lime silo, feeder, and slaker system that was installed more than 18 years ago. The equipment was starting to wear down and wasn’t producing efficiently as possible. A key component of the system being the voluemtric feeder. VeloDyne worked with the city and designed a direct bolt in Barracuda 3000A replacement feeder. The new volumetric feeder features a direct drive motor and gearbox assembly, which reduces wear items and increases feed rate accuracy easily outperforming the old feeder technology. Since the feeder was a direct bolt in replacement, installation and recommissiong of the new feeder was turn key.

ipm volumetric screw feederCarrollton’s plant personell were very pleased with their new feeder and are looking forward to reduced maintenance and increased accuracy. “Great people to work with and the new feeder was easy to install. Didn't realize how bad the old feeder was, our feed rate went from 22% to 16%.“ Howard Davis – Chief Operator