Reliable Volumetric Feeder for Pretty Bird International

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Is it possible to have an easy clean feeder solution for multiple products and remain efficient in a production day? Reliability, accuracy, cleanliness and easy access in one solution.

Barracuda Volumetric Screw FeederThe Challenge:

Located in Stacey, MN Pretty Bird International feeds a variety of products into a food coating system. The products range from powdered chicken to powdered fructose to flour with a variety of bulk densities and flow characteristics in between. The existing feeder was difficult and time consuming to clean out between product changes making operation and efficiency a daily issue in the plant.

The Velodyne Solution:

Barracuda Volumetric Screw FeederVelodyne worked with Pretty Bird to design a feeder to meet their unique product characteristics and circumstances. The solution was a customized volumetric screw feeder with a front access door and quick remove spout. Pretty Bird was able to easily remove the auger for full and efficient clean out between products. Velodyne supplied a support cable to stabilize the discharge spout and ensure accurate feed rates after each product change. "The sales staff was very helpful in designing the right feeder for us. The new system is running perfectly and the operator loves it." – Dave Gruba, Plant Manager – Pretty Bird International.