Fracking and Oil Drilling What's the Difference?

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Volumetric Feeders on Fracking TruckFracking, or Hydraulic Fracturing which is the process for extracting oil from shale rock, is considered to be an unconventional (horizontal) approach and can be more difficult than conventional drilling (vertical). There are pros and cons to each: “A conventional oilfield has a small number of highly productive wells.  The oil flows well naturally, but it is hard to find.  The oilfield may last for 8-10 years and produce large volumes of oil.  "Enhanced production" methods like hydraulic fracturing are used to extend the life of the field.  An unconventional oilfield has a large number of  low-productivity wells.  The oil is easy to find, but doesn't flow naturally.  "Enhanced production" methods like hydraulic fracturing are used from the outset, and even then each well may flow at only 2.5% the rate of a conventional play, and falls off very rapidly over 2-3 years. A conventional oilfield needs a lot of upfront capital expenditure for  exploration, and building the production facilities to deal with the flow rates which could be (example : Tui field, NZ, offshore) 40,000 barrels/day.  From initial exploration to getting oil produced may take 8-10 years. An unconventional oilfield requires less capital, and the oil will start to flow in the first year, but you may get 1000 barrels/day in year one. Unconventional oil exploration is more like mining - they know where the oil is, its just tough to extract it.” – Guy Maslen

Bulk Bag Feed SystemsDuring each process chemicals, sand, and water are combined and used while drilling to help lubricate the drills, prevent bacteria growth, also coagulating the soil as it moves along the drill. Velodyne Systems provides various chemical feed systems into the oil and gas industry, we have partnered with companies that manufacture fracking trucks or oil and gas blender trucks and provided volumetric screw feeders to dispense chemical additives into the sand and water. Velodyne has also provided bag handling systems complete with volumetric auger feeders to create a solution for tanker trucks during the drilling process.

Have a need for dry chemical feed systems? Velodyne has a solution.


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