What is an Iris Valve and an Untie Box?

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Iris ValveVelodyne Systems utilizes various design features to make operation and maintenance on our equipment as seamless as possible for plant personnel. On our bulk bag systems a key interface point of the system occurs during loading and unloading bulk bags from the system. If the equipment has a an electric hoist or a fork lift style top frame plant operators still have to untie the bulk bag during operation. It is crucial to make this process quick and easy and that is exactly what an iris valve and untie box accomplish.

What is an iris valve? The iris valve is a lightweight, compact device typically installed on a bulk bag discharger, bin bottom, and or chute outlet. On a bulk bag discharger, the valve closes off the bulk bag spout without directly contacting the material while flowing. It is a simple manual operation used during the initial unloading of the bag.

Untie BoxThe Untie Box is used in conjunction with the iris valve to aid the operator in untying the bag strings when unloading a new bag of product. If the system requires dust collection the untie box will be designed with an integral port. Each untie box comes complete with a gasket opening and heavy duty latch to completely seal the door when the system is in use. The untie box is connected to a flexible transition. Depending on the application rigid or flexible transitions can be used; the flexible transition is more user-friendly and easier to remove during maintenance.

These are just a couple features of our bulk bag systems, Velodyne prides itself on providing exactly what the customer needs.  If you have a unique application we are ready for the challenge.