Custom Volumetric Feeders for the Food Industry

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Volumetric Screw Feeder, Hopper Discharge drop out bottomVelodyne Systems has been leading innovation in volumetric feeders for over 14 years. With standard offerings, some applications require extra features in order to provide a customer thebest solution for their needs. Velodyne prides itself in having an experienced engineering design team ready for any challenge.

Specifically, in the food processing industry. Plants often need the flexibility to use multiple products with one feeder. When you need to switch products it is important to be able to accomplish this in a simple and timely manner. Velodyne has designed a custom auger feeder with a drop out bottom hopper to meet this need.  Complete with food grade gaskets, and two heavy duty latches, this feature could not be complete without the easy removal of the spout and auger, which is a standard offering on all of Velodyne’s Barracuda volumetric feeders. (Watch How to Change the Tooling on an Velodyne Volumetric Feeder Here)

When an operator needs to change out product, first shut down the feeder, and then place a container under the feeder for the excess product to be disposed in.  Proceed by undoing the two bottom latches. The unused product will discharge out the bottom of the hopper. Some brushing or use of a shop vac may be used for complete removal of all dry product.

Volumetric Screw Feeder, drop out hopperEnsure the spout and auger are re-installed.  Before filling, an operator must re-latch the bottom of the hopper. Once the latches are synched down and tooling re-installed, new product can be placed back into the feed hopper, the feeder can now be restarted.

For more info on our Barracuda Volumetric Feeders Click Here.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to inquire about a custom feeder for your needs.