Barracuda 1500A Volumetric Auger Feeder

Dry Material Feeding

VeloDyne’s Barracuda 1500A volumetric screw feeder incorporates advanced features to ensure less down time and optimized material handling. The Barracuda 1500A is able to handle a variety of powders, pellets, flakes and chips in a small footprint, providing the most versatile solution for feeding your products. The 1500A utilizes a direct-drive motor and gearbox assembly for fewer moving parts (no pulleys, chains and belts), resulting in reduced mean time between failures. This generates cost savings through increased feed rate accuracy. The unintimidating feeder design allows the tooling, the auger and spout to be removed with the simple turn of a wrench. Our overwind auger option conditions the material to prevent feed issues found in other systems. A variety of options and configurations on the Barracuda 1500A provide the most process-friendly auger feeder in the industry and integrates with other VeloDyne System components as a complete solution.

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Key Features:

  • Accurate Feed Rates 
  • Direct Drive Assembly
  • Stock Motor and Gearbox
  • Easy Tooling Change-out

Technical Info:

  • Feed Range: 0.02-12 ft3/hr
  • Construction: 304 S.S. Std.
  • Integral Hopper: 1-1/2 ft3
  • Motor: ½ HP, 230/460 VAC
  • Gear Reducer: 20:1
  • Auger Sizes 3/8”-2” OD
  • Auger Length: 24-3/16” Std.

Optional Accessories:

  • Custom Tooling Sizes
  • Overwind (Material Conditioner)
  • Lid With T-Handles
  • Hopper Vibrator/Timer Assembly
  • Level Sensor
  • Drop Out Hopper
  • Extension Hopper
  • Bag Dump Hopper
  • Dust Collector
  • VFD Controller
  • SCR Controller (Only if DC Motor is required)
  • Stationary or Mobile Stand
  • Scale/Load Cells for Loss in Weight